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Garage Door Locks for Additional Security

A garage door can add a lot of curb appeal to your home. You can choose from many styles and types, it all depends on what you prefer and what your specific situation looks like. A garage door is also a means of protecting your property. Because it has locks, you can use it to protect all the property that you have stored inside of it. If you do not think that these locks are adequate enough, you can add better locks to increase the security of the items inside of the garage.

If you are thinking about adding locks to your garage door, you should call us. We can send an experienced locksmith to your home to make an assessment of your garage door. Our expert technicians can recommend the best lock for your door and we can install it for you too. In fact, all you need to do is give us a call. We can handle it from there. Let us make it a hassle free process to get your locks installed on your garage door. At Duluth Locksmith, we are here for your lock needs.

Types of locks that can be installed a garage door

There are several types of locks that can be placed on a garage door. Each lock has a slightly different purpose so you can select the lock that best suits your needs. What is important when you decide on the lock of your choice is to ensure that it will provide the protection that you need. Lock needs can vary based on what you have stored in your garage and the area that you live in. The lock that you need to give you adequate protection may be completely different from another person who lives in a different area and has different types of items in their garage. Ensure that you do not simply choose a lock because someone else has it.

Get professional help to determine what will work best for your individual situation. Our experienced locksmiths can provide you with all the help that you need. Give us a call and let us discuss your options.

Here are some of the types of locks that we may recommend for you.

  • T-handle Keyed lock
  • This type of lock is quite commonly used by garage door owners. As the name suggests, the lock has a ‘T’ shape. It is generally placed on the outer side of the garage door and it is attached to a system that is placed on the inside of the garage door. In order to open this type of lock, you have to use the key that is designated for it. It is a very effective lock and it significantly increases the security that your garage door provides. If you want to add this lock to you garage door, ensure that you hire a professional to install it. Let one of our locksmiths handle it for you.
  • Slide lock
  • A slide lock is one of the most commonly used locks that are placed on a garage door. Once the lock is latched, you will not be able to open the garage door. It has to be disengaged in order to be opened. This enhances the safety of the garage door. Caution should be exercised though because you can ruin your automatic opener if you try to open the garage door while the latch is fastened. If you get this type of lock installed, always ensure that you check it before using your automatic opener.
  • Electronic lock
  • As the name suggests, this lock is operated electronically. It is usually locked and unlocked automatically. It enhances the protection of a garage door and it does not pose the risk of damaging the garage door if it is engaged when you use the automatic opener. Why? Because it will disengage once the opener is used. This is definitely an advantage over the slide lock and the T handle Keyed lock. On the contrary, this lock does not seem to offer as much protection as the locks that were previously mentioned.
  • J Arm lock
  • There is a standard lock that comes with a garage door. Once you purchase your garage door and have it installed, you should have a lock that prevents the door from being opened once it is closed. Although this lock is quite effective it is not the most effective lock that you can use on the garage door. If you do not require a great deal of security at your home, you may not need more than this. If your home is more prone to security threats, it may be much wiser to get a lock that can provide more security.

How to install your garage door lock

Do not attempt to install any garage door lock! Leave it to the professionals. We are sure that you do not want to have a lock that is not functioning properly because it was incorrectly installed. Our experienced team of locksmiths can handle it for you. They have installed many of these locks before so they are not new to this. We won’t make the rookie mistakes that you are more likely to make.

If you are a homeowner with a house in Duluth, Georgia, you should have our contact information in your phone. We are the best locksmith company in the area and we have many types of locks for your garage door. One call to our office can leave you very satisfied. We will give you a free consultation and price quote. We can send our technicians to your location within minutes and provide the service that you request with just one visit.

Trust us to handle all your lock needs. Your lock issues are our concern. Let us help you to stay safe and keep your property safe. Or, turn to the expert in YOUR area.

With Duluth Locksmith, you are in capable hands. Call us today and let us discuss your lock options.